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Effective & Less Stressful Solutions for Divorcing Couples

Is It Time for Resolution?

The Divorce process can be difficult and stressful. However, there are far less stressful and more cost-effective ways to resolving your divorce than traditional litigation. Collaborative LawMediation, and Negotiated Settlements are approaches which can assist you in reaching a settlement agreement in a non-adversarial, confidential and convenient way.

Take a look and Find Out Why, “Respectful Resolutions” can produce better results.

What’s the Best Path?

Barbara Nason can provide you with the information you need now regarding the many alternative approaches. From the first phone call to your first confidential consultation with Attorney Nason, you will learn processes that may better suit your family’s needs and allow you to plan for your future. Contact Barbara to learn more.


“Respectful Resolutions”

by Attorney Barbara Nason

Attorney Barbara Nason provides Respectful Resolutions for your divorce through Collaborative Law, Mediation, Negotiated Settlements, and other alternative dispute resolution approaches. She’s been practicing family law for over twenty years and knows that these approaches are better ways to obtain your divorce than the traditional litigation method. Contact Barbara Nason for an initial consultation.

Attorney Barbara L. Nason