Initial Consultation

Starting the Process of a Divorce?

Just the idea of starting down the road to a divorce can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way for people who obtain proper counsel and guidance .

You may have many questions about what divorce options are available, what is the right process for “me”, and how best to start the process. Or, alternatively, you might just be thinking about divorce and are not quite ready to move forward. Here are just a few reasonable and smart questions to ask if you are considering divorce and want to create a well-thought out plan for the future.

What Issues Should I Be Considering?

  • What assets will you end up with?
  • Who will get the house (or will we have to sell it)?
  • What will happen to my credit?
  • How much support will you have to pay or will you receive?
  • Who will get the kids?
  • What days will we be sharing the kids?
  • How much alimony can I expect to get or pay?
  • How can I hold onto some of my spouse’s friends?
  • Can I date during the divorce?
  • What should we tell the children?

Don’t Have the Answers?

Don’t be surprised if you didn’t have the answers to these question — few people do. You may need the assistance and guidance of a divorce professional to help you draw out a map.

What If I’m Not Quite Ready for Divorce?

The idea of getting a divorce can be scary. Attorney Barbara Nason can schedule a confidential consultation with you to help ease your mind of some of your fears and concerns. She can provide you with the information about the various processes available to you along with steps to provide for your future. Contact Barbara Nason to learn more.

Experienced and Compassionate Help

Barbara Nason is compassionate and sensitive to the fact that every person has different and unique needs, including a different timetable.  Barbara can provide a Confidential Consultation to you whether you are looking to begin the process of divorce or just thinking about it.  Barbara can educate you as to the various approaches that may work for you and provide you with the information and advice you will need to plan for your future. 


Need Help Determining & Accomplishing Your Primary Goals?

Attorney Barbara Nason will work with you to determine your primary goals and help you accomplish them respectfully. Contact Barbara Nason for an initial consultation.